Why Lucid dream?

Get some control back. If you live to the ripe old age of 75 apparently on average you may have slept for 25 of those years. Why not achieve some consciousness – while seemingly unconscious.

Welcome to the stage Lucid dreams.
Control the movie on the screen, take part, change it! or indeed walk out of that damn movie / dream theatre and do something completely different.

Lucid dreams are incredible and can also be used as a platform to Astral Project.

I’m a control freak that’s why!

I used to think I was in control.
I liked to control as much as possible in a systematic order at my pace with no nasty surprises.

I can control my breath – hold it too long and I will die. My breath, however, will continue whether I think about it or not.

My heart pumps blood around my body, hair and nails grow and many other things occur without me giving it a second thought.

Suppose i’m clumsy enough to hurt myself. My body ensures I am on the receiving end of the pain. Beyond resting, sympathy and deciding whether to go to the hospital.
My involvement in bringing me back to a pre-injured state is minimal.

I often watch documentaries on the human body.
All the cells, bones and the fact up to 60% of the human body is water. I have always wondered, what am I exactly? and ultimately who or what is in control?

I have a say in somethings, but, 90% of seemingly me – I have little say over. What I eat, the exercise I decided to do or not; is this even my choice or am I being influenced on a subliminal level – tricked into the belief that it was indeed my decision.

Alongside my limited alleged control. There is another, with a plan that controls 90% of supposively… me.

It doesn’t ask or seek my permission to help me grow, repair, evolve, decay and inevitably die. This thing? for want of a better word; fights my battles on a molecular level.


There is this thing that controls about 90% of another thing and the remaining 10% of said thing thinks it’s in complete control.

The 10% has never questioned the 90%, It doesn’t know how; just a passenger. The 10% is deluded. The reality; this is to be human?


If Lucid Dreaming is a gateway to answers or at least a helpful step to Astral Projection. Then it’s certainly something I will continue to persevere with.

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