Lucid dreaming

What is a Lucid dream?

Become aware and take control. It’s an incredible moment... (see more)
You’re still in a dream environment but your conscious that you are...
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How to Lucid dream

Multiple Lucid dreams per night? No disruption to sleep... (see more)
What I would like to share is an easy, natural way to achieve Lucid Dreams...
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Why Lucid dream?

Why remember dreams indistinguishable from waking reality... (see more)
Your body is asleep, you are conscious, why would you control your dreams?
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What is a dream?

Research suggests everyone dreams between 3 to 6 times per night... (see more)
Consisting of a series of events based on a random assortment of memories...
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Keen to get Started ?

Lucid dream - maybe tonight with free guided audios

The free guided audio playlists referenced in the video above are available for you below:-

Free How to Lucid dream in 5 steps guided audio playlist (25 mins)

Free How to Lucid dream in 7 steps guided audio playlist (37 mins)


The additional recommendations referenced in the video are below:-

Dream Journal


Reality Checks

Your Journey

Guiding you step by step through each of the 5 steps.

Choose individual guided audio durations to suit you.

Free downloadable eBook

Free how to Lucid dream in 5 easy natural steps

All the steps, step by step in written form.

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