How to Lucid dream in 5 natural easy steps – Expert | 25 mins



This guided audio collection consists of 5 x 5-minute individual guided audios.

If you are an expert at Lucid dreaming then I’m sure you have your own methods to achieve them. If these methods currently interrupt your natural sleep patterns then by all means give these 5 steps a try.


I would expect Lucid dreaming results within a few days to a week or so.

When to practice these 5 steps?

I think it is subjective, fitting in with your plans.
Experiment on the best time to suit your schedule and natural life rhythm; be it an early riser, night owl, or just enjoying breaking up the day with an escape for your body and mind around lunchtime.

  • Practicing these 5 steps early in the morning can help boost your body’s relaxational state and sharpen the mind for the day ahead along with retaining the memories of the practice for that night’s sleep.
  • Lunchtime practice can help break up your day and leave you feeling relaxed and carefree going into your afternoon activities and again later influencing your sleep when you go to bed.
  • Practicing these 5 steps before you go to bed can help relax your body and clear your mind – accelerating the speed to sleep.

Recommended additions to these 5 steps

I highly recommend you keep a Dream diary, regularly say out loud or silently in your mind Affirmations, and carry out Reality Checks.

Optional – Before starting these 5 steps

Taking a shower to ground yourself, burning essential oils to help train yourself to associate a smell with meditation time, and or listen to some of your favorite music in order to set yourself up for an amazing relaxation practice.

This guided audio collection includes:-

Progressive muscle relaxation is the process of tensing and relaxing each and all the muscles in your body. An example would be starting from your toes and working up through your body, progressively feeling the tension ooze out of your muscles. This step is often overlooked; but I think it is one of the most important steps of the 5 to teach your body to physically relax and set you off on a good, relaxed foundation.


At the end of this step, you should feel loose, warm, and ready to push on. If this is not the case then perhaps look at extending the duration.

Clearing your mind of distracting thoughts can be a great way to concentrate. This is, of course, easier said than done. Clearing your mind can enhance your health and creativity, decluttering the path to achieving your goals. This meditation uses visualization to help you clear your mind. Distracting thoughts are pushed away from your mind and important distracting thoughts are stored safely in your mind. A shape is drawn in the mind that you try to keep clear of thought. Near the end of the meditation, chimes are used to prompt you to keep your mind clear for short periods.


Hopefully, after this meditation, your mind will be clearer and feel rested. Over time this meditation helps to program the mind to stay clearer for longer allowing you to concentrate more of your efforts on learning the steps to achieve Lucid dreaming.

If you find clearing your mind hard; and a lot of people do, then I would recommend trying to deal with any pressing issues before starting any of these 5 steps.

Body Scan Meditation is an in-depth investigation into the moment-by-moment experiences of the body. Achieved by bringing your attention and awareness to the current feelings and senses of your body. You can, over time, use Body scan meditation to manage stress, anxiety, hypertension, and general physical pain.

The purpose in the context of Lucid dreaming is to train yourself to notice what is being experienced in the body in real-time. Focusing on specific areas of the body and stimulating the energy there using techniques like Visualization.


Telltale signs that you have done enough are things like feeling light, loose, relaxed. Sensations like buzzing, pulsing, and the feeling of energy moving around your body can feel like mild pins and needles along with no areas of tension in your body.

You might experience cold chills to the bones and camera-type flashes in the mind’s eye.

In my experience, raising energy does not mean that you are going to have more energy. Please do not forgo sleep or food or anything else that will directly impact your energy levels. In the context of this meditation, you breathe in, and using visualization, you send energy up from your feet, through your body to the top of your head. On the out-breath, you imagine the energy coming down through your body back down to your feet. Bouncing the energy up and down your body. Fast, slow, and somewhere in the middle.


When you’re doing this right, you will find the energy starts moving up and down on its own. Remember your breathing—breath in on the up and out on the down. When you have achieved a steady rhythm firstly enjoy the peculiar sensations. Then when you’re ready. On the down cycle, send the energy into your sub navel storage center, which is just below your belly button—this area stores extra energy. You’re going to need this extra energy to give to your energy body.

This meditation uses visualization to immerse you in a fictitious environment high up on top of an impossibly tall building. From there you descend down in a glass elevator to ground level.

This practice is used to promote a downward feeling within the body. This downward motion helps to take your body and mind down to levels associated with the trance state.
Elevator has been part of my meditation process whilst attempting to Astral project. I think it has contributed to achieving an abundance of Lucid dreams.
The theory behind this conclusion is that regularly taking your body and mind down to states related to trance means you learn to train yourself to stay awake whilst your body is asleep. This act of remaining conscious whilst your body is asleep could be the reason why this practice helps achieve lucid dreams.


If you have a fear of heights then you may be better using Step 5 – Optional steps which as the name implies guides you down a set of steps instead of being high in the air. You may fall asleep during this meditation as the purpose is to take your body and mind down to states associated with trance. A quick way to stop yourself from falling asleep during these Lucid dreams steps is to introduce discomfort.

For example, if sitting, keep your head in its natural balanced position throughout and not supported. This way, every time you start to fall asleep you will be naturally woken up by the movement of your head. Be careful of course not to hurt your neck.

If you prefer laying down then another technique is to raise your forearms. If you start to drift off to sleep then your arms will fall hopefully waking you up.
Signs that you have successfully achieved a trance state are things like feeling warm and cozy all over, pulsing, pins and needles, and even hearing yourself snoring.

For those interested in using the trance state to attempt an Astral projection or out-of-body experience please see the Astral projection section.

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