Affirmations are statements of intent. Saying out loud, thinking about or recording yourself or others speaking a sentence of purpose you can relate too.

For example, you sit back, relax and close your eyes.

At this point saying out loud or listening to yourself or somebody else repeating a sentence or two along the lines of “I enjoy having dreams I can control, I enjoy lucid dreaming”. This is said to help focus your mind, higher self or spiritual guide to understanding your intent.

According to research stating the request in present tenths is the best strategy to use. The context of the statement can, of course, be changed to whatever you are trying to achieve.

I use affirmations regularly. I can’t confirm they have been a factor in why I have Lucid dreams or Astral projections. I would just recommend you add them to your toolbox as It makes sense to me that stating out loud your intent would be a positive exercise to focus your mind.

Please feel free to download free Affirmations that I have recorded. These will hopefully help you in your quest to achieve your desires.

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