Free How to Lucid Dream in 5 steps guided audios

How to Lucid dream in 5 steps introduction

Learn how to lucid dream using these 5 guided audios by relaxing your body, clearing your mind, moving energy, raising energy and achieving a trance state.

You just need to practice using these guided audios for 25 minutes per day either in the morning, afternoon or evening for 5 days and then later when you go to sleep each night you have an increased chance of Lucid dreaming; due to the 5 steps stimulating your energy body and your conscious minds connection to your subconscious, due to time spent in the trance state.

I hope that your body is relatively relaxed and your mind is loosely clear of distracting thoughts. If there is anything on your mind that you feel may disrupt your mediation then I would advise, if possible, to resolve the issue before starting any of these guided audios.

Optional recommendations before starting this session include

Have a shower

Listen to your favourite music

Burn essential oils

Take a shower to ground yourself, burning essential oils during your practice is thought to help pre-program your mind and body to recognise the smell and associate it with meditation time. Hopefully then accelerating your process in achieving a trance. I would also recommend listening to some of your favourite music before starting.
Autogenic training, a relaxation technique focusing on promoting feelings of calm and relaxation in your body to help reduce stress and anxieties is also used during these 5 guided audios.
Please do not listen to these guided audios while you are operating heavy machinery or in any situation, you need to be alert.

Your Journey

Guiding you step by step through each of the 5 steps.

Choose individual guided audio durations to suit you.

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Free how to Lucid dream in 5 easy natural steps

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