Hi, I’m James – this page covers my experience with Lucid dreaming and Astral Projection. The reason I stopped trying to Astral Project and why I’ve decided to start again.

Research, influence & practice

I have read numerous books on Astral projection and Lucid Dreaming.

I continue to listen to podcasts. My favourite by far is Jim Harold’s offerings across his free and paid platforms covering Ghosts, UFO’s and Cryptids amongst other topics. Also Uncanny is good on the BBC Sounds app.

I am intrigued by people like Luis Elizondo, Travis S. Taylor, Dr. Stephen Greer, Robert Bigelow, Bob lazar and Emery Smith. Fascinated by what they claim; their experiences.

I find myself questioning agenda, trustworthiness and ending up with more questions than answers on a broad range of topics.

I enjoy consuming anything Alien, Paranormal or Cryptid.

Time to be proactive

The key for me, and I guess anybody else trying to Astral project is proving you’ve left your body and not just dreamt the whole experience.

I decided to base my belief on having three separate conscious out of body experiences, each time flying to the top of my bedroom wardrobe checking the number of a playing card that I had placed up there earlier – not knowing the number on the card.

If I achieved this, then I would be convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that I had accomplished an Astral projection. I could then use this clarity to venture beyond my bedroom and explore the Astral planes that await.

So what happened?

Over a period of about a year, I experienced falling asleep during Astral projection meditation, camera type flashes in my mind. Cold chills to my bones, rapid heartbeat sensations, sometimes seeing people in my bedroom when I woke up for a few seconds. I once woke up screaming feeling like I was being strangled (possible connection to Neck pains and suicide story below).

I’ve seen a transparent set of my arms poking out from my arms after attempting to convert a Lucid dream into an Astral projection. I have looked down on my body from above, from the end of my bed, floated up to my wardrobe countless times; among many other out of the ordinary experiences.  All the meditation meant rarely a night went by when I didn’t have at least one Lucid dream whilst sleeping.

I quickly realised that taking control of my dreams meant the hard bit was already done. My body was asleep, seemingly relaxed. My energy body was stimulated. I had the perfect platform to attempt Astral projection if I so wished.

Lucid Dreaming was a fascinating side effect of the Meditation.

I’ve had hundreds of Lucid dreams. Some I explored flying through walls, creating landscapes, moving objects with my mind, and generally having a good time. Some Lucid dreams I used as a platform to have an Astral projection.

Saturday 26th October 2013

Potential Astral Projection

I spent the day reading Robert Bruce’s book Energy Work: The Secrets of Healing and Spiritual Growth or re-reading it I should say. Dissecting it and recording some of the practices via a microphone and the free Audacity software.

I added in a theta track to act as background noise and then recorded my voice reading some of the exercises within the book and inserting relevant pauses between tasks.

I spent the evening with my partner. We listened to Jim Harold’s Paranormal podcast in bed before falling to sleep. The podcast episode featured an interview with Robert Bruce talking about Astral projection. I had heard it before. My partner’s interest in the subject of Astral projection was growing to support me. Bless her. So I happily listened again. After talking about the concepts discussed, we fell asleep. I had undertaken no meditation that day as I spent most of the day recording. At some point in the night, I became lucid in my dream.

I was standing in a dream street, looking around. The street was busy and I was standing on the pavement. I decided to attempt to convert this Lucid dream into an Astral projection. I stated my intent to be taken back near my body and then fell backwards towards the dream floor — closing and opening my dream eyes.

Upon opening my dream eyes, I found myself floating in my bedroom. The bed wasn’t in the correct position, and I immediately felt disappointed. I thought this must still be a dream; I had trouble moving. It felt like the bed covers were tightly wrapped around me. I kept pushing what felt like my hands against a wall to try and push myself away even though I was floating in the centre of the room — free of bed covers and not near any walls.

I eventually managed to start moving from my floating position in roughly the centre of the room. I made my way up to the top of my wardrobe. In reality, I had put a playing card face up, on top of the rest of the pack as usual (Not knowing the number).

I floated up to the top of the wardrobe. I was disappointed again when I looked at the face up card and saw instead of one card, several cards facing up – all with the same card value, the Ace of hearts.

I doubted the credibility of this experience and when I awoke shortly after. I was in no great rush to get out of bed and check the card on top of the wardrobe.

I remember saying to my partner, who was stirring in bed next to me. I’ve just had another out-of-body experience related dream. I saw several cards up on top of the wardrobe. They were all the Ace of hearts.

I got out of bed shortly after to conclude events and was astounded when I walked over to the wardrobe and pulled down the Ace of hearts off the top.

After this experience, I changed from a pack of playing cards to a set of cards with numbers on them from one to two hundred. I felt that guessing a playing card was perhaps prone to a lucky guess.

In a Newsagents with my Granddad

Shortly after buying the cards one to two hundred and placing one randomly above the wardrobe again and of course not checking. I had a dream that I was in a newsagent buying items with my granddad. We bought a bar of chocolate and a newspaper which cost 54 pence. On waking up and checking the card, it was 54.

Side note

One of the theories in Robert Bruce’s book Astral Dynamics is that outer body memories get mixed up with dream memories. The brain interprets signals from your dream mind and your outer body mind and downloads them simultaneously mixing them up.

Robert Bruce suggests that more Astral projection experience helps the mind priorities out of body experience memories above the habitual dream memory download, adding more clarity to the experience and less related dream symptoms.

Other Astral projection related experiences

I have regularly become conscious in my body after converting a Lucid dream to an Astral projection. On one instance, I could see my arms and a second set of arms raising out of them; which were partially transparent. On another occasion I became aware that I was standing at the bottom of my bed looking at myself and my partner fast asleep in my bed. This was quite early on in my meditation practice. I was petrified and I flew at myself waking up and frantically telling my partner of the experience.

Another time, I was floating about three feet above myself in bed. I was finding it very difficult to move after attempting to convert a Lucid dream to an Astral projection before waking up shortly after. I have regularly become Lucid in my dreams and have tried to turn the dreams into Astral projections. I have floated up to a variety of wardrobes—some in my current house and some from previous homes.

I have checked the value of the up-facing playing card or numbered card. I would get the value correct, then re-enter my body and feel as though I had woken up. I would then tell everybody I had got the value right. Then, I would actually wake up. Now in real-time, I would check the value of the card and see a different value. Sometimes this happened a few times over! So if dreams have levels, then I was way down. The film Inception covers this theory.

Spiritual Side effects?

I started seeing people in the night, an elderly lady, a young girl, a man with a rifle and shadow figures. These occurrences would happen immediately after waking up and last for just a few seconds. I have researched Matrixing (Pareidolia) and haven’t made my mind up if I’m seeing spirits or just hallucinating. I saw a lady in my hallway the night before I found out my old boss from previous employment had died.  Could have no connection whatsoever. Just interesting, sad observation. He had drowned while rescuing his girlfriend, who had fallen in the sea.

While on holiday in a cottage at Slapton sands in Devon. I saw a shadow person darker than black colour standing beside my bed. I lunged towards it, the experience only lasted for a few seconds. Since starting the Astral projection meditation, I have woken up suddenly and jumped at thin air quite a few times now.

Neck pains and suicide

On one particular occasion, I felt what I can only describe or imagine; as dying. I have never experienced it before or since. It felt like I was being strangled around my neck. I had a lack of breath and an overall feeling of hopelessness and pain for around 5 – 10 seconds. I gave out a high pitched scream with what little air I could muster. My partner initially found the experience scary and then later hilarious.

A few weeks after this experience. I awoke one morning to find police outside our first-floor apartment, down by the communal rubbish bins. Our apartment at the time didn’t have a lovely view out of the lounge window. We looked down through the window to see the police taping the area off. Later a car arrived to take a body away. We found out that a man from another apartment block had committed suicide. He hung himself in the communal bin area. This incident could have no bearing on my feeling of death, strangulation and hopelessness. I currently conclude it as strangely coincidental.


With no concrete evidence to support what I’m about to say and using muscles as an analogy. If you set yourself a goal, for example to achieve bigger biceps. You might do all the correct exercises, weightlifting etc. Eat the right foods and get the right amount of rest. You will probably see over time a significant change in the shape and size of your biceps. Some people will genetically have massive biceps. Some people may do all the right things and have no change to their biceps.

Biceps aside, the relevance of this analogy to me feeling like I’m dying and then somebody dying. The more I or anybody else meditates or generally devotes themselves to something. Isn’t it likely we will get better at it?

I’m exploring the concepts that I picked up on some of the emotions of the person who eventually committed suicide? Perhaps I had a warning and experienced the physical pain of the incident before he carried out the suicide. Are we all fated? If I had meditated longer or better? Could I have intervened? Would I have wanted too?

I have listened to one of Jim Harold’s podcasts “Toward the light Ghost Insight – 47” featuring Amy Major. Amy is a rescue medium among-st other things and what I learned is she helps people crossover to the other side. She told a story of a boy running across a field towards her. The boy had been raped and killed in a village not far from her location. The ghost boy approached her, and she helped him cross over. I have always liked the idea of being able to help people (spirits) cross over to the after-life. 

Hasting, England - Tower House 1066 ,Guest House

I stayed the night in a Guest House in Hastings and had a dream that I was in that room, in that bed. A man was moving towards me from the other side of the room shouting Gordon! at me. Researching the guest house, I couldn’t find anything relating to Gordon. Hastings of course is a very historical war area so perhaps it was just a dream or their was a restless ghost looking for Gordon – who knows.

White feather

I found a white feather on a sofa that had no rational reason to be there (the feather –  not the sofa!). I had asked for a sign a few days before in my Affirmations. Researching on the internet I was pleased with the spiritual theory about the feather being a positive sign of spiritual development.

July 2014, Beach cottage at Slapton sands, Torcross, Devon

The following experience had a profound effect on me. Mainly negative to be honest. It has swayed me towards the existence of ghosts. Up until this point every experience I have ever had could be put down to my imagination. Coincidence. Lucky guess.

My partner’s aunt and uncle own a cottage on the sea front at Slapton Sands, Torcross in Devon. It’s a beautiful cottage perched next to the beach and we have been there now with family and friends a handful of times. The history of the area is extraordinary.

Exercise Tiger or Operation Tiger

The codename for one in a series of large-scale rehearsals for the D-Day invasion of Normandy, which took place in April 1944 on Slapton Sands in Devon. Coordination and communication problems resulted in friendly fire deaths during the exercise, and an Allied convoy positioning itself for the landing was attacked by E-boats of Nazi Germany’s Kriegsmarine, resulting in the deaths of at least 749 American servicemen.[1][2] Because of the impending invasion of Normandy, the incident was under the strictest secrecy at the time and was only nominally reported afterward.

For more details – please Click Here

My initial exposure to the cottage

The first time we visited the cottage was in 2013 and I had been meditating obsessively. One night I woke up in the middle of the night to see a shadowy figure beside my bed whilst at the Cottage. I remember lunging at it and then waking up fully. This was a startling experience, but to be honest – I had experienced these types of things at home so wasn’t that surprising. The most profound experience at the cottage happened the following year. It was July 2014 and we had booked the cottage for us and some friends. On returning back to the cottage one evening we all smelt burning candles and the smell of wet dog which we all found very odd.

One morning, I took two photos outside the front of the cottage of my friends all sitting in a line. Then one evening reviewing the photos I was zooming in and out of the background as I was aware it was a historical area and I had been influenced by ghost programs where they look at photos and find some odd things in window reflections and I noticed something that chilled me to the bone. It was a reflection in the window of a nearby cafe that looked to me like a soldier from the war.

Having taken two photos of the group less than a minute apart at slightly different angles. It was clear to see something just wasn’t normal with one of the pictures. That night I got no sleep. It totally freaked me out. There was no rational reason for the reflection.

Photo 1 - Nothing Strange

Photo 2 - Something Strange

Haphazard Investigating

We tried to recreate the scene the next morning. We had friends walking in front of the cottage. From the angle I took the photo we could see when they came into shot of the camera and in the particular pain of glass the alleged apparition was seen.

It turned out by our rough calculations that the reflection of the apparition would have roughly meant that it would have been to my left about a metre away. I took the photos on the penultimate day of the holiday so after recreating the scene on the final morning. We had breakfast in the cafe. I was quite excited to show the cafe owner who wasn’t particularly interested to be fair. We packed up our stuff and headed home early in the afternoon.

We talked about the photo a lot. We all had no rational explanation. I joked that perhaps the soldier just wanted to be in the photo and had I taken further photos and we had known. We could have got him or her to wave.

The following few days I couldn’t sleep. I even looked up Phasmophobia or Spectrophobia on the internet and could relate to the symptoms. I would stay awake until 5:45am until the birds outside started to sing and the sky became lighter as the sun come up.

Why was I scared?

For me it was the closest I had come to proving to myself the existence of ghosts. The concept messed with my mind. It really played havoc with things. I was convinced that the Soldier would follow me home or be in my dreams or appear in a mirror reflection. I wasn’t thinking about if he/her needed help – that’s for sure. The fear really took hold. Something I will have to battle extensively with if I am to achieve continued successful outer body experiences and potentially raise my spiritual profile.

Man at the bottom of the bed. Smashed window. Dead brother.

This occurred in my early twenties but I still remember it as vividly as it was yesterday. It was a weeknight. Nothing particularly special about it. I went to bed with my girlfriend at the time who I had been seeing for a few years.

We had moved in together. Living under the roof of my girlfriend’s aunt and uncle. I got on very well with my girlfriend’s aunt and uncle, but I hadn’t delved into their past in any great length. I took them on face value and very much appreciated their hospitality in allowing me to stay under their roof in the same bed as my girlfriend.

The time was around 10:30 pm and we had said goodnight to each other. We had been lying there silently for probably around 5 minutes or so. The room was dark but not pitch black. There were streetlamps outside the window, although not directly. The curtains were a pastel blue and left the room dark enough to sleep but light enough that if I got up to use the bathroom I would be able to see where I was going without falling over anything.

After about 5 minutes of getting comfortable and starting the sleeping process that I had mastered over the last 20 odd years of my life (closing my eyes and lying still), I got this overriding urge to sit up. To sit up now. Seconds later I was bolt upright staring at the bottom of the bed (getting goosebumps just writing this now). There was a figure of a man. He wasn’t a silhouette and he wasn’t a solid man. It was something in between. We made eye contact and then he turned and disappeared.

The whole experience lasted just a few seconds. My girlfriend who must have jumped at my sudden movement asked me if I was ok.

I replied with I think I’ve just seen a ghost. She frantically turned the light on and asked me to explain in a panic.

After another ten minutes or so we went back to sleep. This event happened at a point in my life where I wasn’t as fascinated by the supernatural as I am now. The rest of the night passed without incident and the next morning we hadn’t said anything about it. We got ready for work and went out to the car which was parked around 100 yards away around the corner. I had been parking the car roughly in the same place for the last few years. It was on a road that had no yellow lines and there was usually a space to park.

I arrived at the car and the driver side window was completely smashed. Glass all over the seats and on the pavement floor. This had never happened before. I didn’t link it to anything supernatural – why would I? after clearing up the mess, work fortunately, wasn’t far.

I drove the car and got the window fixed at a local garage at lunchtime. That evening I was having dinner with my girlfriend and her aunt and uncle and I mentioned my funny turn the previous night – the figure. My girlfriend’s aunt then revealed her brother had died in that room.

On reflection. Looking back at this memory whilst I write this. All three of these things:-

  • The figure
  • My car
  • Her brother

Could all be unrelated. It could have been matrixing or a hallucination. I had only begun the sleep process for about 5 minutes,  why had I felt compelled to sit bolt upright very quickly? The loose conclusion I draw is the dead brother of my girlfriend’s aunt was warning me that my car was currently being broken into, as ridiculous as that all sounds. I stayed at that property for a few more years and never had any other potential supernatural incidents.

Stopping Meditation

I stopped meditating after my first child was born in 2014. Since then, I haven’t experienced anything potentially supernatural and have only had a handful of Lucid Dreams.

I could blame the halt on a lack of energy, sleep and time on my child; The truth, however, is fear. After I took the photograph at the Cottage in Slapton Sands, Devon. After a few days of sleepless nights and relatable symptoms of Phasmophobia / Spectrophobia.

I decided I needed a break from it.  Also, with bringing a new life into the world, I didn’t want to expose her to anything evil. I read some of Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook by Robert Bruce and that pretty much confirmed I needed to stop. It scared me. Astral Dynamics rocked my world and a lot of what Robert said would happen in the book, happened to me.

After switching to reading some of the book Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook, it was enough for me to stop.

Fear chewed me up and spat me out

I want to go on the internet. Look at my smartphone. Eat the food I shouldn’t be eating between dinner and bed. Spend time with my wife and child and chill out watching good old TV.

These are excuses. I am more than capable of making time for all these things, but the real reason I have stalled is fear, fear of everything.

Fear I am opening myself up to evil. Exposing my family, raising my spiritual profile to a point I’m spotted by demons that want to inhabit my body or harm my loved ones.


I could choose to restart my journey down a path where I’ve already had eye-opening experiences. I’ve surely only scratched the surface. I’ve come out unscathed (bar a few sleepless nights!) and a little bit more enlightened on what I think I ultimately am. I have no concrete proof of anything, except Lucid Dreaming. I know I have experienced them, that’s real – even backed up by science.

How do I convince someone else about Lucid Dreaming and Astral projection? I have helped introduce another little being into this world and I am now not only thinking about my safety in taking the next steps down the road to the great unknown. I have more questions than answers. If I was meant to Astral Project, lucid dream and see, perhaps communicate with spirits. Then surely that would come naturally to everyone, right?

You might argue some people are gifted towards such things. Were they chosen? Do they practice? Or is it simply a fact that great great great uncle Walter tirelessly meditated and managed to raise his spiritual profile and a handful of his genes have been passed down the chain. Well, I can rattle on about theories, concerns and other stuff as a way to further procrastinate or I can make a decision.


Don’t go any further. Live my life and hope for a glorious Afterlife. Dream about nonsense not giving it a second thought. Binge eat and watch television until my heart’s content. Be the best-damned husband and father I can be. Or all the above except the nonsense dreaming bit. Be again proactive in meditation. Learn to control my fears, hope if there is evil to come, then there is good also.

If this site is live then I would have made my choice. I hope to grow an audience. I hope to help people evolve and evolve myself. Let’s do this together. Break free from the normalities of life. Experience the fantastic, incredible and damn right unbelievable together.

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