How to Lucid dream

Hi, I’m James – Would you like to have multiple Lucid dreams a night? and no disruption to your sleep? If the answer is yes! then what I would like to share is an easy, natural way to achieve Lucid Dreams.

This page covers the 5 steps I use to achieve regular Lucid dreams and what you’ll need if you want to give them a try.

These 5 steps are not done in the middle of the night and you don’t need to set alarms or do anything else that will upset your natural sleep.

These 5 steps are done during a set block of time of your choosing. Then when you later go to sleep – the 5 steps will help give you Lucid dreams.

Lucid dreaming methods

There are seemingly infinite Lucid dreaming methods to be found. Some include hacking your natural sleep patterns by waking up in the middle of the night – trying to recall the last dream you we’re having. Along with countless other theories and practices to get Lucid.

Some Lucid dream methods apparently can be learnt in 5 minutes or by tonight or indeed instantly. These methods may or may not be accurate. For me, they weren’t. I discovered regular Lucid dreaming by accident while concentrating my efforts on trying to have an Out of body experience (Astral projection).

If you are trying to induce Lucid dreaming, quick win methods may be the path for you. If you have attempted these and not had much luck, then what you will hopefully learn from me is what I learnt as a welcomed side effect of my Astral projection practice. I have had hundreds of Lucid dreams via these methods – Let me show you how.

So why do these 5 Lucid dreaming steps work as a Lucid dream inducer?

All I can confidently say is I had no Lucid dreams before my concentrated Astral projection efforts in 2013. Then regularly had 4 or 5 Lucid dreams a week after starting. On frequent occasions, I’ve had several Lucid dreams in a single night.

These Lucid dream induction steps stop short of all the steps required to have an Astral Projection which would also include triggering the Astral projection reflex.

What do you need to achieve regular Lucid dreams?

A quiet break from your day. The regular duration you decide will go along way towards how quickly you achieve Lucid dreaming. Keeping a Dream journal is also important to your success. Just close your eyes and follow these 5 easy steps to Relax your body, Move energy, Clear your mindRaise energy and enter the trance state. After completing these 5 steps and then later going to sleep you don’t need to do anything else special to induce Lucid dreams. These Lucid dream steps have led to no disruption to my sleep patterns and have helped me to have hundreds of exciting Lucid dreams.

When is the best time to carry out these Lucid dreaming steps?

There may be benefits to carrying out these Lucid dreaming steps just before you go to bed as it is often said that what is on your mind before you go to sleep can influence your dreams. This may or may not be accurate.

I generally practice these steps in the evening before bed. I have also practised early in the morning and the occasional lunchtime.

How long should you spend practicing these 5 Lucid dreaming steps?

I have had weeks of doing at least 30 minutes a night and also, times where a few days have passed, and I haven’t undertaken any Lucid dreaming practice. I would suggest these 5 steps suit anybody enthusiastic about how to have Lucid dreams—catering for individuals who can’t always commit to Lucid dreaming practice every night.

I believe, stimulating your energy body is like charging a battery. If you do a lot of practice, then you will have a lot of charges. Lucid dreams will be incredibly vivid and the level of control you have over the Lucid dream will be extraordinary.

Missing a few days or weeks, the charge will lower and the clarity and control will decrease. You can still experience Lucid Dreaming; but perhaps you are lucid one minute and then sucked back into the narrative of the dream the next.

Keen to get Started ?

Lucid dream - maybe tonight with free guided audios

The free guided audio playlists referenced in the video above are available for you below:-

Free How to Lucid dream in 5 steps guided audio playlist (25 mins)

Free How to Lucid dream in 7 steps guided audio playlist (37 mins)


The additional recommendations referenced in the video are below:-

Dream Journal


Reality Checks

Free downloadable eBook

Free how to Lucid dream in 5 easy natural steps

All the steps, step by step in written form.

Your Journey

Guiding you step by step through each of the 5 steps.

Choose individual guided audio durations to suit you.


That’s it! These 5 How to Lucid dream steps have helped me have hundreds of exciting Lucid dreams. I hope they help you too.


I would just like to state that these products won’t necessarily work for everybody. We are all wired up differently. Just like giving somebody membership to a gym doesn’t guarantee they will achieve the body of their dreams. The products that I have designed are based on what has worked for me. I have tried to offer as much flexibility and generalisation in these products as possible.

As I evolve myself with these teachings, I will no doubt tweak or enhance existing products along with introducing new ones.

Managing expectations

I think it boils down to where you are currently with your journey to achieving Lucid Dreams. If currently, you don’t remember your dreams, don’t keep a dream journal and you have never sat quietly, cleared your mind and tried any form of meditation. Then perhaps using the free guide or purchasing a 5-minute audio isn’t really going to help you achieve Lucid dreams. The message I want to share is practice makes perfect. Just like using that newly acquired gym membership. Turning up in your gym kit, fast walking on the treadmill for 5 minutes then leaving and buying a cake isn’t really going to help you lose weight.

Minimum requirements

As a guide. I recommend you need to at the very least be spending 5 minutes on each of the 5 steps and you need to be keeping a Dream journal.

Using the Free How to Lucid dream downloadable guide you will need to manage this duration yourself. Purchasing a How to Lucid dream guided audio pack the duration is already set. You just need to put the equivalent amount of time aside to listen to the audios.

I hope that helps state the minimum requirements for these products. Yes, I am pushing the guided audios as a revenue stream, but I also always want to offer free downloads as an alternative.

I just wanted to clarify expectations. My products are not magic bullets. I would describe them as refined steps that require effort to help you achieve Relaxation and or Lucid dreams and or Astral Projections.

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