What is a Reality Check?

In the context of Lucid dreaming. A Reality check is something that you regularly do during the day. To prove to yourself that you are not currently dreaming. In theory, this regular activity may prompt your subconscious to carry out a Reality check whilst you are actually dreaming. Hopefully then making you aware you are dreaming and giving you a dream you can then control ie Lucid Dream.

How long should they last?

The regular daily process should only last thirty seconds or so once every hour.

Do they work?

I have had numerous occasions where I have become Lucid in my dreams and have found myself looking at my hands. So I would recommend doing reality checks and the funny looks and reactions from others that can come with them.

How to do a Reality check

Set an alarm, chime, or any kind of prompt, once an hour or so. Then look at your hands and ask yourself am I dreaming? Look around your environment and convince yourself you are awake. Pinch yourself and generally just confirm that you are in an awake state.

The theory behind reality checks is that this regular routine of checking your hands will seep into your subconscious mind whilst you sleep and as you are confirming you are awake you will realize in fact you are not. Also, it has been suggested that the subconscious mind has difficulty replicating your hands. Often times when looking at hands in dreams they appear as melting stubs. This of course is another indication that you are in fact asleep.

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