Deep breathing exercises

What are Deep breathing exercises?

Deep breathing exercises consist of setting some time aside to concentrate on your breathing. With eyes open or closed, you carry out a variety of tasks helping you fill and empty your lungs, clear the mind and calm the soul.


Deep breathing exercises can help manage stress and anxiety levels, lower blood pressure, slow heart rate, clean lungs and improve energy levels and help alleviate insomnia. On the whole Deep breathing exercises can make you healthier by reducing your stress and anxiety levels. Tackle insomnia. Improve energy levels and strengthen and increase lung capacity.

Deep breathing can improve your energy levels

Lots of people fail to breathe deeply when they feel tense—using weaker surrounding muscles that don’t fill the lungs to their full capacity. Shallow breathing stops the body from getting enough oxygen. The general principle of correct breathing is to make it deeper, slower, quieter and more regular.

This action forces more oxygen into your cells which in turn slows your heart rate, lowers your blood pressure and improves blood circulation, providing you with more energy.

Deep breathing slows your heart rate

A lack of oxygen can make you feel tense and nervous even if you aren’t consciously aware of the problem. Taking a deep breath forces oxygen into your cells, lowers your heart rate, blood pressure and improves circulation. The ultimate result of Deep breathing is more energy to complete the tasks you are doing by reducing your heart rate and helping you to calm down.

Deep breathing helps to clean your lungs

Deep breathing forces oxygen into even the deepest parts of your lungs. This action breaks up any foreign particles and residue that may have been lurking. A regular Deep breathing exercise routine can help clean your lungs, stopping external alien particles from building up in your lungs and further preventing you from getting sick as often as you usually might. 

Deep breathing reduces stress and anxiety

Millions of people across the world suffer from stress and anxiety daily. Bad, short, shallow breathing habits trigger the mind to feel like it’s in danger.
It’s part of the fight or flight instinct of all living creatures.

Deep breathing means the body is relaxed, and there is no need to run. This process can put you at ease and reduce the amount of stress or anxiety a person feels. Deep breathing instructs the nervous system to calm down.

Deep breathing exercises offer many health benefits. They are simple to perform anywhere that you can concentrate. Regular deep breathing exercises reduce stress and anxiety within a short time of undertaking Deep breathing exercises; you should notice positive changes in your physical and mental health.

Deep breathing exercises for sleep and fighting Insomnia

The body completes millions of tasks on your behalf. Getting a good nights sleep gives your body uninterrupted time to make you the healthiest it can. Humans on average if living to the ripe old age of 75 would have slept for 25 years of their lives. If you have trouble sleeping then undertaking Deep breathing exercises before bed should help you achieve a good night’s sleep. Deep breathing slows your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure helping fight insomnia.

Deep Breathing Exercises Collection


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This collection of 6 x guided audios is excellent for experimenting with various durations of Meditation. The short 5-minute audio quickly covers the basics of Deep breathing exercises. The 30-minute audio covers the practice in more depth. The other included audios varying from 10 – 25 minutes cover the core elements.


Research suggests carrying out Deep breathing exercises can help manage stress and anxiety levels. Lower blood pressure. Slow heart rate. Clean lungs and improve energy levels and help alleviate insomnia. Deep breathing exercises combined with techniques like Autogenic training and guided Visualisation, can calm and help Clear the mind.

On the whole Deep breathing exercises can make you healthier by reducing your stress and anxiety levels. Tackling insomnia, improving energy levels and strengthening and increasing lung capacity. Read more…


These 6 x guided audio files use a guided narrative. Autogenic training and Binaural beats background music to help relax your body and take your brainwaves down to states associated with Meditation.


Please do not listen to this guided audio Meditation while you are operating heavy machinery or in any situation, you need to be alert.

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