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What is Rope?

This guided meditation uses Visualisation to imagine a rope hanging in front of you. Using your concentration you feel yourself climbing up the rope, moving your point of awareness further and further up the rope in an attempt to trigger the Astral projection reflex.

The Astral projection reflex is the name for a process whereby your body allows a copy of your consciousness to safely and consciously leave your body temporarily.

For more information on this theory and Astral projection – please see /astral-projection.


Please see below for the ROP steps

Rope Meditation

  1. Find a comfortable position, make sure your eyes are closed and start to clear your mind.
  2. Focus on your breathing, the leading edge of your breath entering your mouth or nose, down your throat , filling your lungs. Then back up and out your mouth or nose.
  3. Continue this cycle, Lungs filling and emptying of air.
  4. Now, as you breathe in, imagine a wave of energy coming up from your feet, up your body to the top of your head and out past your head.  As you breathe out the energy wave comes back down through your head, body, through your toes and out.
  5. Continue this cycle, breathing in and sending the energy wave up and out your body and then breathing out and sending the energy wave down and out your body.
  6. Back and forth, back and forth.
  7. Now, just concentrate on the blackness behind your closed eyes. Notice shapes, patterns or just focus on the blackness.
  8. Now, Imagine the image of a big heavy rope dangling in front of you, Gently swaying from side to side. The top of the rope goes high above your head and through the ceiling if inside or up into the sky if outside.
  9. You are calm, relaxed and focused on having an out of body experience. Imagine what the colour of the rope is. This is your rope, this rope will help you get out of your body.
  10. Notice the texture of the rope as it gently sways from side to side.
  11. Without moving a muscle, move your awareness from your current position to close to the rope.
  12. Imagine what the rope looks like close up. Texture, colour, shape.
  13. Gently bounce your awareness from your current position to close to the rope and back again.
  14. The rope is strong and would easily support your weight when you decide to climb up it.
  15. Continue gently bouncing your awareness from your current position, close to the rope, pausing for a few moments and then back again behind your closed eyes.
  16. Back and forth, back and forth.
  17. Now, stop bouncing your awareness and concentrate again behind your closed eyes. 
  18. Without moving a muscle. Imagine your spirit arms raising up and reaching out towards the rope.
  19. Imagine your spirit hands grasping the rope.
  20. Feel the texture of the rope as you grab it with your fingers and palms.
  21. Feel the temperature of the rope. Warm, cold.
  22. Stay in this position. Your spirit arms stretched out in front of you holding onto the rope.
  23. Now imagine yourself squeezing the rope with your spirit hands.
  24. Without moving a muscle, just imagine yourself squeezing the imaginary rope with your spirit hands. Feel the rope against the skin on your fingers and palms.
  25. With both your spirit hands holding on to the rope, Imagine pulling yourself towards the rope.
  26. Without moving a muscle, Pull your body towards the rope, using your spirit arms.
  27. Now imagine what the rope looks like close up as you stretch out your spirit arms up above your head and take hold off the rope again.
  28. Feel the texture and temperature of the rope as your hand grip the rope above your head. Arms outstretched. Grip the rope.
  29. Concentrate on gripping the rope and how the rope looks close up in front of your eyes.
  30. Bounce your awareness from behind your closed eyes, to the rope close up and then up to your clenched hands and back again to behind your closed eyes.
  31. Form a steady rhythm, behind your eyes, to the rope, up to your hands and back down again behind your closed eyes.
  32. Now, begin to climb the rope.
  33. Without moving a muscle, imagine the tension in your body and arms as you prepare and then start your ascent up the rope.
  34. Your arms and hands moving up the rope. Hand over hand.  
  35. Pull pull pull
  36. Gripping the rope. 
  37. Hand over hand.
  38. Imagine your spirit arms are now straight. Pulling your body up.
  39. Arm over arm.
  40. Up up up
  41. climb the rope.
  42. Pull Pull Pull
  43. Hand over hand.
  44. Your whole body is now moving up.
  45. Up up up
  46. higher and higher, higher and higher.
  47. Hand over hand.
  48. Up up up
  49. Higher and higher.
  50. Pull pull pull.
  51. You are now climbing up, out of your initial environment.
  52. Concentrate on the rope. Let the environment fade around you and just focus on climbing the rope.
  53. Your whole body moving up the rope, hand over hand.
  54.  Up up up.
  55. Higher and higher. Higher and higher.
  56. Pull Pull Pull
  57. Hand over hand.
  58. Your whole body is moving up. Feel the tension in your spirit arms as you climb higher and higher
  59. higher and higher.
  60. Hand over hand.
  61. Higher and higher.
  62. Pull pull pull.

Rope – 105


Introduction to (ROP-105) - Guided meditation
Sample of Rope guided meditation
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ROP-105 includes 6 x individual guided audios (ROP-5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30) totalling 105 mins of guided meditation. The ROP-105 collection is designed for you to experiment with various durations of meditation. ROP-5 is 5-minute audio quickly covering the basics. Whereas ROP-30 is a 30-minute guided audio covering the meditation in more depth. ROPI-10, 15, 20 and 25 cover the core elements in increasing levels of detail.


These 6 x guided audio files use a guided narrative and Autogenic training.


Please do not listen to this guided audio meditation whilst you are operating heavy machinery or in any situation, you need to be alert.
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