Steps – 105




This meditation collection uses visualisation to help you achieve a trance state. Promoting a downward motion within your mind and body this meditation has you visualise a set of steps disappearing down off into the distance. You slowly descend these steps concentrating on how your body feels as you descend down.

This practice is used to promote a downward feeling within the body. This downward motion helps to take your body and mind down to levels associated with the trance state.

Steps have been part of my meditation process whilst attempting to Astral project. I think it has also contributed to achieving an abundance of Lucid dreams.

The theory behind this conclusion is that regularly taking your body and mind down to states related to trance means you learn to train yourself to stay awake whilst your body is asleep. This act of remaining conscious whilst your body is asleep could be the reason why this practice helps achieve lucid dreams.
STE-105 includes 6 x individual guided audios (STE-5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30) totalling 105 mins of guided meditation.
The STE-105 collection is designed for you to experiment with various durations of meditations. ELE-5 is 5-minute audio quickly covering the basics. Whereas ELE-30 is a 30-minute guided audio covering this guided meditation in more depth. ELE-10, 15, 20 and 25 cover the core elements in increasing levels of detail.


These 6 x guided audio files use a guided narrative and Autogenic training.


Please do not listen to this guided audio meditation while you are operating heavy machinery or in any situation, you need to be alert.

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