Progressive Muscle Relaxation – 25 minutes


This 25 minutes guided audio covers the core elements of Progressive muscle relaxation.

Designed to be used by people who find it difficult to relax and could use a longer Progressive Relaxation exercise routine or for those who wish to use this longer duration as part of a bigger relaxation routine.



The practice of concentrating on specific parts of the body and focusing on removing tension in that area can be a great way of identifying and reducing stress and anxiety in the body. Muscle pain, tension and stiffness are some of the most common symptoms brought on by stress and anxiety. Progressive muscle relaxation can activate the relaxation response lowering heart rate, calming the mind and reducing muscle tension.


This 1 x guided audio file uses a guided narrative and Autogenic training.


Please do not listen to this guided audio meditation while you are operating heavy machinery or in any situation, you need to be alert.

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