Out – 20 mins


This 20 minute guided audio was designed to be used by people that would like to achieve Astral projection. This guided meditation should be used when you have achieved a trance state and wish to trigger the Astral projection reflex as it uses techniques that attempt to shift your point of awareness away from your body.


This meditation uses Visualisation to help you trigger the Astral projection reflex.
The Astral projection reflex is the name for a process whereby your body allows a copy of your consciousness to safely and consciously leave your body temporarily.

For more information on this theory and Astral projection – please see /astral-projection.

This meditation uses visualisation to help you move your point of awareness out and away from your body,


This 1 x guided audio file uses a guided narrative and Autogenic training.


Please do not listen to this guided audio meditation whilst you are operating heavy machinery or in any situation, you need to be alert.

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