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The free guided audio playlists referenced in the video above are available for you below:-

Free How to Lucid dream in 5 steps guided audio playlist (25 mins)

Free How to Lucid dream in 7 steps guided audio playlist (37 mins)


The additional recommendations referenced in the video are below:-

Dream Journal


Reality Checks

Free downloadable eBook

Free how to Lucid dream in 5 easy natural steps

All the steps, step by step in written form.

I thought it would be nice to put something together for you for free that will hopefully help you have multiple Lucid dreams without the need to disrupt your natural sleep patterns using alarms or getting out of your cozy bed.

So why do these five steps induce Lucid dreams?

Now I’m no scientist but as I’m sure you are aware science does recognize Lucid dreaming as a real phenomena.

I think my relaxed body, cleared mind, stimulated energy body and familiarity with the trance State helps connect my Consciousness with my subconscious mind giving me a window of opportunity to recognize I’m Dreaming when my body’s asleep.

I suggest you give these five steps a go they’re totally free available for you HERE and require just five days of your life, 25 minutes each day to see if they work for you and give you Lucid dreams.

There’s no sleep disruption it is easy! practicing either in the morning afternoon or evening before bed.
After you have listened to the guided audios for five days if you’ve had a Lucid dream or multiple then hallelujah you’re welcome enjoy.
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If no Lucid dreams have appeared, don’t get disheartened. Have faith in these five steps and have faith in yourself and me. You just need a bit of tweaking here and there.

I recommend another five days using my second free playlist called How to Lucid dream in seven steps that includes two additional guided audios and two one minute affirmation audios. Available HERE

I also suggest you keep a Dream journal, use Affirmations and Carry Out reality checks. All very easy; don’t get overwhelmed.
So far you’ve closed your eyes sat quietly for 25 minutes listening to guided audios once each day for five consecutive days. With the addition of a Dream journal, you just need a notepad and pen and you just write the dreams you remember in the notepad when you wake up in the morning. Takes just a few minutes. if you remember dreams during the day just write them in your notepad.

I also recommend you carry out Affirmations.
Affirmations are just a signal of intent; statements that you repeat in your head or out loud. With the Affirmations, after you’ve heard the statement “I enjoy having dreams I can control I enjoy lucid dreaming”.

Repeat to yourself out loud or silent in your mind during the silent pauses in the guided audios.

For carrying out Reality checks you just need to set up an hourly chime on your phone or clock and then pinch yourself look at your hands and confirm to yourself you are not dreaming. It takes 30 seconds once an hour or so. 

That is the quick premise of each of the three additions. “How to lucid dream in seven steps. Good luck achieving Lucid dreams. Feel free to contact me with any questions suggestions or just to say hi.

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