Why have an Astral projection?

I have no strong religious beliefs in my life. However, I do believe there is a force behind the scenes, pulling some strings. Whether this is a full-time guardian or a part-time onlooker that sometimes has a tinker – I can’t be sure. The biggest questions for me are, why am I here? have I lived before? Will I live again? Where do we go after death? – if anywhere at all.

We are human beings; what does that mean? Were made of 60% water and on average if we reach 75 years we would have slept for 25 years. We have no control, over-controlling internal elements within ourselves beyond attempting to eat and drink the right things and carrying out exercise to keep ourselves in good shape.

Although he lived on a healthy regimen, Neil Armstrong rarely exercised, often explaining that he believed that a man was given a set number of heartbeats in his life and he wasn’t going to do anything to use them up faster. – Neil Armstrong (alledged Astronaut).

With very few certainties in life. I currently have a family, my health, a job and an exercise routine along with a few hobbies. But there is not a day that goes by when I don’t question the Why? of it all. Is it random, am I fated, have I got some role I have to fulfil? Why do such horrible things happen to seemingly innocent people?

The long and the short of it is for me is—I Astral project for answers. If I can Astral project, then I am not my body. There is a strong chance that when the body dies,  what I am during an Astral projection may live. I want to meet spiritual beings that can inform me and guide me – if they exist.

I want to develop my Soul and make myself as evolved and informed as possible while I’m alive in my current form.

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