What is Astral projection?

Also known as having an out of body experience, Astral projection is the name for a process where you can temporarily leave your body while you are still alive. Then return safely and remember the experience. How or if this is even possible is still up for debate and depending upon the correct theory you may or may not leave your body empty and defenceless while you are temporarily roaming the Astral planes (Different dimensions).

How could you forget an Astral projection?

In Robert Bruce’s book – Astral Dynamics, Robert suggests a mind split process occurs when you sleep, dream and Astral Projection.

In my experience with Astral projection. I find favour with Robert Bruce’s theory and have experienced symptoms – (please see /about). The general premise of his theory is multiple copies of your consciousness can co-exist at any one time.

The three amigos

During the trance state, your body falls asleep and one copy of your consciousness monitors you while you sleep.

The second copy of your consciousness starts the dream process. A while later triggering an Astral projection, produces a third copy of your consciousness. At this point, at least three copies of your consciousness now simultaneously exist (the three amigos).

Your body is asleep. One copy of your consciousness is monitoring your dreamless state. Taking care of vital functions like breathing, blood flow, ageing, repair and countless other tasks your body manages every second of every day without us thinking about it.

The second copy of your consciousness is organising your dreams for you, entertaining you while you sleep. Ready to be relieved of such duties should you achieve a Lucid dream.

The third copy is Astral projecting. This consciousness instance has a fantastic experience. Perhaps flying through walls or high in the sky or visiting other realms, beings or plains.

In Robert Bruce’s explanation, all copies of your consciousness are battling to be remembered by your brain when you wake up.


Downloading to your brain

The brain exists inside a dark protective case, i.e. your skull, and it receives signals from your body and mind.

If you have been happily sleeping your whole life not remembering dreams, then the likelihood is you won’t remember any Lucid dreams and or Astral projections (no matter how fantastic!). The copies of your consciousness’s that are Lucid dreaming or Astral projecting will not override the habitual dreamless consciousness that you have been using to downloading to your brain when you wake up.

However, the consciousness copy that is currently taking care of the dream state can also, perhaps occasionally depending upon your dream recall get mixed up with the first copy of your consciousness. In this scenario, when you wake your brain downloads two sets of consciousness’s mixing them. You may remember fragments of dreams when you first awake. Only to be erased by thoughts of the day’s events ahead.


To conclude my interpretation of Robert Bruce’s theories and the experience I had accrued. Robert suggests that initially as you learn to remember your dreams via a Dream Diary, writing in keywords etc. You begin the process of habitually training your brain to override the dreamless state with dreams. You continue further to have and remember Lucid dreams.

Then when you incline to convert a Lucid dream into an Astral projection, it’s possible that your brain mixes up dreams, Lucid dreams and Astral projections.

It is practising makes perfect. The more you meditate with the intention of Lucid dreaming and or Astral projection, the more likely you are of overwriting the brains download from your three consciousness with the Astral Projection copy.

Using a validation method like a card, I think it is highly recommended. A Dream diary is a must. Reality Checks have worked for me. Affirmations, I see as a great way to focus the mind on your intention.

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