Raising energy – 10 mins


This 10 minute guided Raising energy meditation is designed for people who have limited free time who would like to experience Lucid dreaming and or Astral projection.



This practice can produce some strange feelings in the body and camera type flashing in the mind’s eyes. Why or if it contributes to regular lucid dreaming or Astral projections is still up for debate.

Raising energy has been part of my meditation process whilst attempting to Astral project and I personally think it has contributed to achieving the abundance of Lucid dreams I’ve had.

This meditation uses Visualization. You imagine energy balls, buzzing and crackling with energy. Moving up and down your body. On the in-breath, the energy balls move up from your toes, up to the top of your head. Then on the out-breath, the energy balls are sent back down to your toes.

This meditation helps you relax and focus on the process of moving energy around your body.

In my experience, this meditation produces strange sensations in the body and camera type flashes in the mind’s eye. I’ve used this meditation frequently and it seems to coincide with the abundance of Lucid dreams I have had.

This meditation is similar to Body Scan meditation. However, the speed at which you visit each part of your body is accelerated into a rhythm up and down your body.

The theory behind the practice is Raising energy helps further relax the body removing tension in joints and muscles and stimulates your energy body.

This energy stimulation helps relax the tension in your body preparing you for the trance state, which is a step closer to Astral Projection. I believe this stimulation in the energy body can also arouse you when you sleep, somehow giving you access to Lucid Dreams.

This guided audio can be used independently or as part of a larger relaxation routine.


This 1 x guided audio file uses a guided narrative and Autogenic training.


Please do not listen to this guided audio meditation whilst you are operating heavy machinery or in any situation, you need to be alert.

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