Clear Your Mind Collection



This collection includes 6 x individual guided audios (CYM-5, CYM-10, CYM-15, CYM-20, CYM-25, CYM-30) totalling 105 mins of guided Clear your mind meditation. The CYM-105 collection is designed for you to experiment with various durations of Clearing your mind. CYM-5 is a 5-minute audio quickly covering the basics of Clearing your mind. Whereas CYM-30 is a 30-minute guided audio covering Clearing your mind in more depth.CYM-10, CYM-15, CYM-20, CYM-25 cover the core elements of Clearing your mind in increasing levels of detail.

We all suffer from stress in our lives at different times. We can blame modern living, transport, people amongst an infinite set of variables. Many people dwell on factors that cause stress in moments of downtime. This downtime is then used thinking of ways to solve issues. Sometimes just making yourself angry without being able to formulate a plan to solve the problems.


Rumination is the focus on negative events in the past or future. This creates stress for yourself in the present. Triggering the stress response and starving you of the joy of the moment. Rumination can make you tired and irritable. You may develop headaches, body tension, and overall bad temperament. Clearing your mind can help stop ruminating.

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