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Relaxation, Lucid dreaming, Astral projection – Free eBooks and guided audios.

Hi, I’m James, thanks for stopping by.

Are you curious about life?  Why we are here and how little we really know. Is it all random? Fated? Have we lived before? Will we live again? 

In 2013, after a lifetime of watching, listening and reading all manner of things out of the ordinary. I decided to see if Astral projection was a real phenomenon and if so, get some answers to questions I’ve been asking myself my whole life.

If I could project my consciousness out of the body then surely that would prove my body was a shell and after my body had gone, I would still exist in some form. I could perhaps seek counsel with otherworldly beings, time travel or visit the afterlife that may await. Please see the /about page for my experience with Astral Projection, the remarkable side effect of Lucid dreaming. Experiences that may or may not be related to either. The reasons I stopped Astral projection and why I have decided to start again.

The purpose of Soul Developer is two-fold for me. Get up and running again with Lucid dreaming and Astral projection and help other people achieve the same. The free downloadable ebooks will always remain so; 

The guided audios by design have a guided narrative, appropriate pauses between tasks and last for a specified duration of time.

I hope to make connections with like-minded people. Help people relax their bodies and clear their minds. Lucid dream, Astral project and evolve through the products I create.

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